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If the shoe manufacturer uses this ic560dhc intelligent leather cutting machine, it can cut artificial leather and leather as well as roll materials. The times are changing, and the manufacturing industry is also changing. The new machine released by Itta Yida technology has been improved in the overall concept. This machine can solve the problem of leather cutting and artificial leather cutting at the same time. One machine can be used for both. It can save the purchase cost and production cost, improve the production efficiency, and bring greater benefits to the enterprise. Itta Yida technology is a global provider of intelligent leather layout and digital cutting solutions, providing professional automatic cutting equipment, software, services and solutions for soft furniture, car seats and interior decoration, shoemaking, handbags and other industries. Intelligent leather inspection, scanning, typesetting and cutting software realizes information alternation and seamless docking with enterprise management system sap (ERP) and MES, which provides impetus for enterprises to move towards industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing.

IC560DHC 智能皮革切割机



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